It’s Movember – Remember to donate

It’s Movember – Remember to donate

It’s Movember – Remember to donate @


Your health is important to us at MyNookie, we decided that Health, Sexuality and Lifestyle are an important part of everyday life, it’s our mission to help you get there.


Consider November to be the month to have your sexual health check, ensuring your prostate, testicles along with your other rear assets are in top working order.


MyNookie are passionate and driven to provide our male and gender diverse customers with exceptional products that will help with your good health journey adding to the pleasure and sexual happiness throughout all phases of your long life.


Sex is a very important part of life and pleasure assists with good physical and mental health. Optimising male sexual health includes sexual desire which is necessary to obtain and sustain an erection. Healthy sex lives are essential in maintaining electrifying long-term relationships.


Being sexually active at least twice a week will produce higher levels of certain anti-bodies that may assist your body to fight off germs and viruses and help with fertility. Research also confirms that regular sexual activity improves your libido and performance, according to Wilkes University.


It’s a must to be understanding with your partner, ensuring that you talk together about what is pleasurable for them and also for you, however having sex with yourself is also very satisfying and extremely enjoyable when you can playout sexual desires.


MyNookie Male Sex toys for men are many and varied, from extensions, pleasure packs, simulated vagina masturbators, Fantasy Dolls, strokers, prostate stimulators and other rear end pleasures.


We also cater for more adventurous roosters, with, Cock Cages, Duo Balls, butt plugs and stretchers.


For our aging customers who take a little more time to get their rocks off, we have male performance enhancers as well as cock rings, which will keep your erection firm to ensure you have an orgasmic, ejaculatory experience. For those who may find it difficult to gain an erection, our Vaczilla LaViva range of penis pumps will help to produce an erection that is long lasting with a matching Doc Johnson cock ring which will assist in holding your erection in place.


If you’re a little embarrassed and don’t feel comfortable visiting a store, you can just shop online at our website


MyNookie provides a huge range of products to ensure your sexual fantasies and desires can be fulfilled.


Be assured if it is on your mind, we can help you out online @ MyNookie


Surprise yourself your way


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