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Ever fantasised about taking a roll in the hay with a buxom, blonde female nurse? Or going at it doggie-style with a slim, prim-and-proper-looking brunette with an amazingly curvaceous juicy peach she can’t seem to hide behind those baggy trousers she keeps on wearing?

If you have, mate, then you’re not alone.

To give your fantasies a touch of reality, MyNookie features a wide range of male sex toys you can use and manipulate to experience the ultimate release.

All kinds of sex toys for men

If you think your sexual fantasies are too kinky or weird, you're wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some harmless sexy fun, alone or as a couple or group of happy, consenting adults. And if you want to amp up your pleasure, you can order men’s sex toys and ones you and your lady partner can enjoy from MyNookie, including:

Every item in our large collection of sexual toys for men is designed to provide optimum sexual gratification and, of course, give you a taste of what fantasies-come-true feel like.

High-quality adult toys for men delivered in a flash

At MyNookie, we’re focused on helping you satisfy your sexual desires safely by featuring only high-quality male sex toys in Australia, manufactured by reputable sex toy companies.

And since we know that you’re impatient to get your hands on the male sex toys you order, we assure you of fast delivery in as little as one to three business days! In fact, we treat every order of men’s sex toys as urgent. We also provide a discreet packaging of your orders for your peace of mind.

By ensuring fast turnaround times, we know we’re helping you reach your optimum sexual pleasure level using sex toys for men from My Nookie at the soonest possible time.

Anything to fulfil your fantasy, right?

So, browse through our stimulating collection of adult toys for men now!


What types of male sex toys can I buy? 

If you love putting your package into things, you will get the deepest pleasure with our collection. From masturbating into a fleshlight, inviting a playmate into bed with a life-like or novelty blow-up doll or engorging your member with a cock ring and penis pump — there’s so much to explore. 

Apart from manual masturbators, we carry electrical sex toys for men to give you the perfect stroke from head to shaft and suction toys that simulate a BJ that will get your eyes rolling back and your toes pointed. 

For a stimulating prostate massage, discover our selection of anal toys and experiment with a dildo, vibrator or butt plug with realistic finishes, or awaken your darkest desires and exercise your muscles with kegel balls — however you like to play, MyNookie has your needs covered.

Which male sex toys can you use? 

Any — you’re only limited by your imagination and how much lube and free time you have on hand (pun intended). All of our sex toys for men can be used solo, to spice up your time under the covers, or to bate with a mate.

How safe is it to use sex toys? 

Sex toys for men are incredibly safe. Whether this is your first time heating things up in the bedroom or you’re adding a new revelrous toy to your ever-growing collection, their intuitive design makes it easy and hassle-free. Our products have practical instructions to guide you through their operation, teaching you how to get the most toe-curling fun.

Some electrical devices can not be used around water, so it’s best to keep them out of the shower, while others are made from resilient silicone that can handle rough play and are resistant to water.

All our male sex toys should be properly cleaned after use, but give you longer-lasting fun to bring out of your nightstand’s bottom drawer.

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